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What is the use of the simulation penis?

What is the use of the simulation penis? More and more single women have broken through the conservative thinking and purchased and used simulated penis to solve their own physiological needs.

1. Women should understand the correct use of the simulation penis. The simulation penis is an adult toy designed for women. The high-simulation texture design is no different from the live-action penis. It can effectively stimulate the G point. Some of the simulation penis is also equipped with electric power. When used, it can produce a strong sensation of numbness, so that you are in a state of complete satisfaction.

2. In recent years, single women have been on the rise and people have a correct understanding of sexual knowledge. More and more women have broken through the conservative thinking of buying and using simulated penis. However, there are still many women who do not know how to use the simulation penis. The simulation penis is divided into electric and manual. There are general instructions on the product. Here we will briefly understand. When using, apply the lubricating fluid on the surface of the penis, and then slowly insert the device into the vagina. This is to start the power supply to generate vibration (manually twitching by yourself), after the end, turn off the power, remove the appliance from the vagina, and clean it. .

3. Some women, especially those who prefer to have the greatest pleasure and are unwilling to be emotionally satisfied, may be dependent. Some women may not be able to respond appropriately if they are unable to respond appropriately when they use their masturbation device for a long time. If she is unable to respond appropriately when she is in bed with her bed for the first time, she will mistakenly believe that this is proof of her personal incompetence. Therefore, please do not overuse the masturbation device, which is good for your body and future sex life. So please use your friends to be careful not to use them too often.

4, female masturbation device vibration may make it difficult for women who are difficult to achieve the purpose of climax to easily meet her wishes, although it is a useful product, but also lost the fun of cooking and enjoying food. If for a long period of time, women have been using mechanical methods to vent their sexual desire, it may eventually make her completely lost pleasure.

5, some female friends in order to let themselves get their own sexual welfare life at all costs, into the emotional life that they know very adventurous, the result makes themselves difficult to ride the tiger. In fact, when a female friend really needs this aspect, the florist can buy a simulated penis to solve the problem. It is simple and safe, has no worries, and can get real pleasure from it.

6. The texture of the high-simulation works is prominent, completely copying the male penis. Although it is a dildo, it can effectively stimulate the G-point when it is in and out, and it is more effective for electric design. The sensation of numbness accelerates the process of reaching the climax.

What is the use of the simulation penis? Women need to understand the use of the simulation penis, can fully play the use of the simulation penis, and can effectively solve the physiological needs.